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Friday, June 3, 2011

Believers can TELL GOD!!!

The Prophet Isaiah told Cyrus some things that God said (Isaiah 45).

God said He was going to use Cyrus. This explains why God chose him (v.1). God called Cyrus by name and even gave Cyrus a surname. The Hebrew text explains that God meant that He called Cyrus gently even though Cyrus did not know Him. God called Cyrus to use him for a specific purpose, for the children of Israel (v.4).

God further said that even though Cyrus did not know Him, Cyrus' calling was so that the children of Israel would know that HE was Yehovah - The Existing One and that there was no other God (v.6).

God then cautioned Cyrus about contesting HIM. GOD asked Cyrus if the clay could ask the potter what he was making with it or what purpose he was making it for (v.9).

God then did something completely revolutionary with this man Cyrus who did not know Him. God told Cyrus (a non-believer) to question Him about the Israelites and what HE was doing with them and to COMMAND Him.

"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands COMMAND YE ME." (v.11)

I love it. THIS MEANS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS. If God can tell "CYRUS" to do this, how much more are we (born-again believers, children of the Most High, heirs and joint heirs with Christ) able to do this???

We know that Cyrus became God-minded because God said that He raised Cyrus up in righteousness and that HE would direct all of Cyrus' ways. History (and the Bible) teach us that Cyrus freed the Israelites ( v.13) and used Ezra to rebuild the temple (Ezra 1:1-6).

I AM TELLING YOU that God says that we should ask him about the future of his children and about the works that HIS hands make. HE said we should command HIM. Tell HIM what to do. The scripture uses the same Hebrew word "command" in verse 11 as it does in verse 12 where God said He "commanded" creation.

Isaiah went on to declare other things that are yet unfulfilled (v.14-25).

God is so awesome and has given us, His children, the authority to utilize the same creative word power He uses, to tell Him what to do. Profound revelation. I LOVE YOU LORD. Praises Father.

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