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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The LGBT Distraction

It is my opinion that modern Christianity’s focus on LGBT people is a distraction from the key issues of SIN, REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS! The LGBT community is not the enemy, SIN is.

The modern non-Christian thinking that people are the enemy is erroneous and un-biblical. While it is sound Biblical doctrine that Christians must hate sin just as God hates sin, there is no biblical teaching that supports hating people, even if they are sinners.

Is it a double standard that the same amount of gusto isn’t being directed towards adulterers, fornicators, people in the porn industry, idol worshippers, sorcerers and magicians, haters, angry and contentious people, false teachers, murderers, alcoholics and bad-minded people, as well as wild drunken party people? Aren’t all of these under the sin category as well? Doesn’t the bible teach that sin is sin?

Shouldn’t modern Christianity have a larger interest in winning souls for the kingdom as opposed to tearing down the Holy Bible’s main theme of soul winning through LOVE? Have modern Christians forgotten that God IS Love? Didn’t Christ speak directly to the thief, the prostitute, the fornicator, the politician, the religious leader, the ordinary people as well as the children? Did he not love Judas as much as he loved John, Lazarus and Mary?

Maybe modern Christianity has a secret agenda. Maybe the goal is NOT to target SIN but to target people; to attack people with the surreptitious plan of driving them AWAY from the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ! If this is the case then the question must be asked: “Is modern Christianity working for the devil?


jjbrock said...

I agree 100% with your post. I believe the LGBT debate is a distraction for the church. You ask: is modern Christianity working for the devil? I don't think so,I think the church just don't know what to do. The first thing the church should and need to do is treat the LGBT community as they would any other person who is in sin and on their way to hell.

The church need to show the LGBT community the same dignity, kindness, and respect they would show someone who isn't gay. I believe when the church start to treat the LGBT community like anyone else, they then create opportunities to speak the truth and draw them to Christ.

When it comes to the LGBT community, our desire for them should be the same desire we have for heterosexuals who are lost. The church should not be trying to make gay people straight they should be trying to lead them straight to Jesus, just like they would anyone else.

S. Morgan said...

Thank you for your comment jjbrock.

Sometimes I have to wonder what's happening in our churches? Modern Christianity may not be working for the devil, and may, as you say, not know what to do. But I think Christ's example speaks volumes and Christians are supposed to be Christ-like. Church leaders may need to start setting true Christ-like examples for their congregations to follow. Blessings.

Nikki Weatherford said...

Amen & Amen! Thank you for this post, it's very encouraging to know I'm not the only one shouting this to deaf ears. God bless!

S. Morgan said...

Thanks for your comment Nikki.

I strongly believe that as Christians we are to reach out to PEOPLE with the intention of bringing to the good news of the gospel to them. We are to do this regardless of the type of sin they practice. We are in the world but not of the world.

God Bless you and your family. Hope your baby is feeling much better.