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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hell is a real place (and is under your feet)

Below is an excerpt from the Jan. 2010 issue of my monthly newsletter called: "to the Saving of the Soul".

Does Hell exist? It is a fact of scripture that Hell exists as a real place and contains the spirits of all who have died a physical death and were outside of the family of God.
The scriptures teach that Hell is a place of immense activity. There is sorrow there (Psal. 18:5); there is fire there (Deut. 32:22); it is hidden from man but naked before God (Job 26:6; Amos 9:2); it is a place of power (Psal. 49:15; Hos. 13:14); all spirits there are fully conscious (Isa. 14:9-9-15; Luke 16:19-31); there are conversations there (Isa. 14:9-16; Ezek. 32:21); certain kings and chief ones of the earth are there (Isa. 14: 9-11); the inhabitants are stirred up at the coming of others (Ezek. 32:27-32); men recognize and correspond with each other (Isa. 14:16); and, it is a place where knowledge and memory exist (Isa. 14:10; Luke 16:19-31). It is evident from the scriptures that Hell is a very real place. Souls there experience emotions such as sorrow, regret and anxiety because they are fully conscious of their existence and possess memory of life above ground.
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